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Hi, my name is Hiroyasu and I write the contents of this site. I have a deep interest for Japanese history and this is written in my own words.

If you wish to contact me,  you may leave me a comment below.

3 thoughts on “About this site”

  1. Konnichiwa Hiroyasu san
    I have just finished your blog and found it very interesting and enjoyable. Do you have any additional information on Sanada sama Yukimura or on his ninpo connections?
    Once again, thank you.
    Ninpo Ikkan

  2. Hi again, I cannot contact you on your email as shown. Would you please contact me directly. Thanks and best wishes. Adam

    1. Hi Adam,

      Sorry as there is a typo error on the email which was corrected. Thank you for highlighting. I am the site admin and will help you convey the info to him.

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